Updated "REACH Study Results" published on August 29

Updated "REACH Study Results" published on August 29

lundi 19 septembre 2022
IUCLID (International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database) is a software application that captures, stores, manages and exchanges data on the intrinsic and hazardous properties of chemical substances. IUCLID is developed by ECHA and by the OECD.

Under the REACH regulation, the information submitted to ECHA must be in IUCLID format.

Companies that register their substances in accordance with the REACH regulation, communicate information concerning physico-chemical properties, toxicological information, eco-toxicological information in IUCLID format. The collection of non-confidential data ("REACH Study Results") is published on the ECHA website.

The data available as of August 9, 2022 on the ECHA website were published on August 29, 2022 and can be downloaded for free here. 654 new substances have been added compared to the previous version of September 2021.

"REACH Study Results" is another communication path for substance data published on the ECHA website, which are made available free of charge (see here).

The IUCLID format is not limited to the REACH regulation, it is also present in other regulatory frameworks. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us for a training.

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