Do you sufficiently follow the regulatory news?

Do you sufficiently follow the regulatory news?

mercredi 12 octobre 2022
Regulations concerning chemical products (REACH, CLP, biocides, cosmetics, detergents, etc.) are complex and change very regularly.
To secure your activities and optimize your development plans, you must anticipate and monitor these changes.

Lisam Telegis offers regulatory monitoring in the following areas:
REACH | CLP | Protection of workers | Cosmetics | Detergents | ROHS | POP | PIC | Drug precursors | Explosive precursors | Biocidal products | Toys |  Food contact | Aerosols | Microplastics | Nanomaterials | Endocrine disruptors | ...

Our regulatory monitoring is divided into two levels:
- a compliance watch allowing you to be informed of the publication of new regulatory texts in your areas of interest,
- a proactive watch, by monitoring preparatory legislative processes (registers of intentions, ARN list, etc.) and draft texts, enabling you to anticipate regulatory changes.

We also offer additional monitoring of the UK REACH and GB CLP regulations.

The monitoring service can also be supplemented by studying the impact of regulatory changes on your SDSs or substances.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to obtain a free an example of a monitoring bulletin.

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